a warning and a ranting

contrary to the title the ranting comes first - I do do do do do hate train travels - no matter how relaxing it is not to drive yourself it's really no joy. Innocent me arrived at the train station after a torturing seminary on Kettler and gets the first shock "EC* 7 - canceled" - yep they canceled the train to Basel SBB via Mannheim where I need to change arghhh ...

But do some talking to the rather stressed out station personal and everything looks brighter - there is a fill in train same platform. Hurray! - you think everything is going to be fine. If it only were so - nope that fill in train had 15 then 20 minutes delay and we finally left the station 25 minutes late.

But don't despair, you only have 8 minutes to change but asking for "what is the next train then" you are told that the ICE* you had already given up on is having a 30 minutes delay and you think your day is saved you truly do. But oh joy you arrive in Mannheim and what do they tell you - it's 60 minutes late and counting. So you start quizzing the stressed out and unfriendly-ish personal again "What train do I take instead" - And oh joy the IC *to Insbruck is running late too - 15 minutes so you just have to wait 10 for that one.

Well the end is instead of 1 o'clock you arrive at 2:30pm - your pick up from the station couldn't wait because it had to work so you have to figure out a bus and you are really trully mad at why the never manage to be on time. And there's really just one thing that can brighten the day after that. A surprise left in the cellar:

now I have Strawberry fields by the Beatles playing in my head ...  

* EC - Eurocity train - a fast train stops in big cities and crosses EU borders, is operated by various countries train company/ies, IC - same thing but without the border crossing, ICE an even faster train, only stops in the really big cities (can cross borders)

Now to the warning - I know you have been getting used to my English by now - it's sometimes a little make-shift and open for all sorts of interpretations. Well I just wanted to let you know that I joined a German version of the Farmer's Wife QAL and therfore there might be some German appearing on the blog. Maybe I will set it off in a different colour - you don't need to try to make sense of it. It will really be a different language and not me writing messy English.

I have I think 2 or 3 German readers (that are perfectly abel to read English) ... but I guess those already know about the QAL but hey a button to show is a buton to show:

Ohh and I wanted to show you all the posty goodies that I finally get to enjoy in person - they have either been re-routed or intentionally been sent to "home home" (I wonder when I will stop "driving home" for visits to my mother) so the wouldn't get lost while I moved halfway across Germany.

posty goodies
2 swap mini quilts, several bee blocks and a few FQ treats


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  1. I say regularly that if our local train only ran to the city I would take it to work every day instead of driving. But I guess train travel has its downside too. :)