my love for unpieced backs

Yeah well all who have been reading my ramblings for a while know I usually use unpieced backs which is not really a problem as long as my quilts aren't wider than 59" (150cm) and even if I go bigger it only makes the selection smaller but I can easily go up to 110" (280cm). And funnily even though I measure my blocks and sashing and everything in inch - as soon as it comes to measureing the whole thing I take out my metric tools - I still can't think in inch when anything get's bigger than 12" and even then I my "idea" of how big the thing is rarely the actual size [12 inch are damn huge]. Same as I still sometimes catch myself at converting the €uros to the old curency - yeah the inch centimetre thing will take some more years.

bluegreenpink - I found the perfect backing

So yeah I don't use the fabrics from the front in the back as I never have enough for the front pattern and a complete back. So I go hunting looking for the perfect backing fabrics and sometimes I find something - like the one on the left. I saw it, I bought it, now I'm basting it.

Yeah I know I'm lazy and I admit it. I really like being lazy sometimes.



  1. Der Blümchenstoff passe perfekt als Rückseite! Die Stoffe sind wie für einander geschaffen.

  2. That's not lazy tha's just smart. Piecing backs is OK but if you find something that you like and it fits; why not?! I ike the set on that quilt very Springy! cheers, CW

  3. Nothing wrong with not piecing the back. I often do because I don`t have access to large pieces to use for backs, but I also often don`t want to...