Well I am making some progress on bluegreenpink - I used the "perfect" backing to bast it, watching Torchwood again, I really need some new DVDs (sadly I have to say the public library here is very backwater about DVDs).

bluegreenpink basted

In the good news department - the time of darkness has started here - it's finally summer and we get to see the sun so to keep the room temperature down the only thing that helps is keep the blinds closed. At least the nights are still cool.Well  I got around and started on one of my projects I put up as my NewFO projects back in January (feels like that was ages ago) - it will be my "Spring"

Spring quilt
the obligatory toes for size reference

I got the first set of Bee blocks this weekend (I asked for 4 6,5" blocks instead of one 12.5" block)

1st set of Bee blocks - June Queen

Have I shown you my "Finnland"-block yet? it's for a trip around the world quilt my May Queen planned. Well I chose her favourite character from the Moomins - Mymble:

BeeBiased - May  - travelling around the world

So for June I have a doll quilt and a bee block left to do



  1. Your backing fabric is perfect! Love your little stitcherie too.

  2. Pretty lone star! Always enjoy seeing them.

  3. Your pink and green lone star is lovely. That's one of my favorite color combos (I call it watermelon), and the softer shades you chose go so well together!

  4. I love all of these blocks! Especially the Lonestar- those are my favorite colors :) I was definitely watching Torchwood the last time I basted a quilt, too! Love Cpt. Jack!

  5. Anonymous13 June, 2013

    Great lone star - love the colors!