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Well by September 16th around noon my summer holidays will start - ok maybe I shoudl say autumn holidays, but it would be really depressign not to have ahd proper summer holidays. Of course I will visit home - but there is not really much to do after "the big storm" aye well maybe some cleaning up, but turning all the left overs under won't take much time so I have been looking out for some Quilt Alongs, Swaps etc. pp. - not that I don't have projects to finish, but I already have a suppor group for that so I think I'm ready to start some new things.

So let's start with something German - do you know how hard it is to write comments in German? my complete Quilting vocabulary is English and I'm just used to do all things sewing in English. Anyway it's a modern swap and it's round 3 - and it's my first time, because the last times I was busy and then I missed the sign up date.  Well this round it's cushion cases. Aye and that's my mosaik, you will see it's typical me - simply not like the others are (the button will get you to the group pool). [Communication is in German - sign ups end Septemebr 10th.]

September Mosaik - lieg ich eigentlich völlig daneben?I´m hosting...

Next up is the Broken Herringbone QAL - even though it's hosted by a rainbow hmm fanatic/ obsessive ... I'm not really into rainbows. And as I used the "unwatned colour ornge" in mini I'm now goign to tackle the next "Enemy Number One" BROWN - aye that bron there in the middle. You know pictures lie, the colours are a bit off. So I will either use the reads below the brown (well maybe not the purplish on at the top) or the "brownish" purples above - probably not the ehh lavendar-ish one ...

reds, brown, purple
the reds really are different reds - do I need a better camera?

Next up there will be the choice between - I don't think I can do both, I'm only human - a paper piecing adventure and a beginner quilt. The first one would be interessting I think, but it could eventually end in a very frustrated me. I'm not suer if I have the ptience for paper piecing so much fizzlicng and cut sew press, cut sew press, think think think ahhh, cut sew press, seamrip think some more ...But it would be a challenge.
The one block wonder is easier to do - well it's straightforward. But I still have some time to decide.
One point in favour of the one block wonder is that it won't start until the end of September.

Quilter in the Closet{Big} City Girl QAL Button

Hope you all enjoy your summerholidays .. or did enjoy them ... or did enjoy something else ...


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  1. You have chosen some interesting projects. Be sure to post about your progress.