1 gone 1 to go

Lovely news ... paper one is history! On I go to paper two which is the more interesting one, so it shouldn't be to troublesome to get it done, apart from my general dislike for papers and preference for any other kind of exam.

I did start with a trial block for one of the QALs because I was going crazy at my desk -  so this broken herringbone trial block is the first of many for my "Red Herring" Quilt with the MSBHQAL.

Red Herring - trial block

I did manage (don't ask me how) to send out my August Bee blocks for the NewBee Bee and BeeBiased. Of course it was only late night sewing therefore I own only crappy pictures.

BeeBiased Bee - August block

NewBee Bee - August block

I did get some more BeeBlocks myself for my July Queen Month ... I got very beautiful Angel Block for a no-show Bee and am still waiting on one more block.

NewBee Bee - Queen month - from Curt

I guess from now on I will always plan to finish Bee Quilts earliest 2 or 3 months after the Queen month. For my other Bee-Quilt I will sew the missing block myself I'm a bit mad at the uncommunicativeness of the Bee, but I can ignore people too.... I just want to finish it. Here is the JulyQueen update ...

design floor - September 3rd



  1. I really love your bee quilt!

  2. Hey Leo, I like the 'Red Herring' what size is it? Great name! The blk and blue block is great too. must take awhile to piece?! And I'm liking those Bee blocks a lot! Great combo of solids and busy prints! I hear ya on the slow / no show bee blocks. It's one reason I don't participate in such things much these days. But it's still a good way to make friends and learn stuff and you have something to show for it in the end! cheers, CW

  3. I love the red herrings, the block looks great in this colour choice.

  4. Your bee quilt is looking lovely. I need to get the courage to do one myself.

  5. Beautiful blocks and love your red broken herringbone block! Thanks for sharing.
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