back in the game

It's almost midnight here - and I'm done with the last paper - Yeah!!! Holidays!!!! (and it's cold and rainy and gray outside)


And of course I dove head first into some sewing therapy - ignoring the dishes and the laundry and well everything really...Well may I introduce you to probably the most ugly fabric I own. I started cutting it into strips for the One Block Wonder QAL. (see the mess at the back? papers are not good for my environment)

one block wonder strips

Ohh and I'm a week behind on my Broken Herringbone QAL blocks - The Red Herring Quilt - but you see I'm planning on getting caught up soon - that are strips for guaranteed 15 blocks - maybe I get a third one out of each set that would make it strips for hmmm 23 blocks

MSBHQAL strips

Yep I have a little something for tin boxes ... and yes that's just a tiny part - and if you ever wondered where your cards and notes end up you send along on swaps or bees or whatevers now you know.

The loooong garden to-do list is waiting for me! ... hmm yeah there aren't really any vegetables or other things edible waiting for me. That's what the July hail did to the stuff - poor blue cabbage ... (or are the English part of the strange group that say it's red?)




  1. Great to see you got some sewing therapy in! Have fun and enjoy your Holidays. :)

    Poor, sad lil cabbage! (and yes, red cabbage here.)

  2. Hi Leo, Congrates on the finish! And I hope you have a wonderful holiday, it is well deserved! Ugly fabric? Well definetly dated. It will be interesting to see what you do with it! The red herring block is really cool looking but I don't know how you stand to make 23 of the exact same block?! In the states we call that purple cabbage, isn't that the color?! Interesting how somethings vary all over the map. have fun, cheers, CW