birthday month

Well not this month but next month - and not my birthday but my mom's and one of my best friends'

My mom is her usual grumpy "I don't really need anything"-self. So I have to think of something. Maybe place mats ... and a few knitted or crocheted dish clothes ...But what sort of placemats? patchwork? but will the glasses wobble on the seams? what kind of batting? how densely quilted? whole cloth? ... they will have to survive a lot of washing ..

My friend on the other hand is absolutely shameless about asking me for presents. I can't remember a Christmas or a birthday where she didn't have an item on her list that apparently only I can do...

birthday present

This year for November 16th it's going to be a triangle shawl - she even picked the pattern (thankfully one of the easier ones) of the possibilities I send her ... you have to love e-mail and picture attachments.

birthday present

All in all I like the second kind of  birthday kid - gives me more time to actually work on the present as I don't have to spend that much on thinking about what kind of present to make...

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