finally some more sewing

I had a fun long weekend: uprooting some willows, trampoline jumping - I don't remember ever having been so dizzy, I guess I'm too old for somersaults ...

I have a visitor for the book fair here and my plan to make use of the few opportunities to sleep in went out of the window. Getting up at 6am is early  for me, but hey I sat down and wrote a to do list:


sorry it's in German

 Of course then I went to my rack and pulled the first thing that caught my attention - long time UFOs that need backings and I pieced a back - which is nowhere on the list. (Am I good at lists or am I good?)

putting my design floor to good use

Yeah - true work in progress pictures - no cleaning up around the edges, no ironing or straightening out. I only needed the top to take some rough measurements for the backing. It's 180x180 cm (that's 70 inch square) So my usual 150cm backing was too small and I had to do something - like add in a strip.

pieced backing (now I just need to buy batting)

So now my quilt will have a sunny side for sunny days and an umbrella back for rainy days - I really love those umbrellas, now I wish mom would have bought more than just 3m

close up of the umbrellas

The rest on the list ... that I have pictures of ... and things I have pictures of that are not on the list but should be there

irish chain - partially quilted  sneak peek - DQS September 2013  bee blocks + extra blocks - aiming for a 4x5 layout ..  The first wave of catch up blocks - Red Herring - MSBHBQAL  BeeBiased June Queen - top done

puzzling all night - and the next morning  Stoffe fürs Kissen  Landmädel QAL - calico puzzle  10 diamond stars  Spring quilt



  1. I do the same thing with lists, but I make lists anyway. How crazy am I? What a cute backing you came up with.

  2. Wow Leo, It looks like you have been very busy! I don't think I've ever seen the first top?! I like the layout. Changing up the direction of the corners makes it interesting! And I like the umbrella fabric to. I was at one time collecting umbrella and paresol fabrics. I don't even remember why, but I do like them, lol. I really still like the bee blocks but the hexagons are a close second. It will be interesting to see what you do with that one! cheers, CW

  3. You are doing a fantastic job, Leonie! You are very organized and staying on top of your projects. Dein Dinglisch kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor! ;-)