luckiestestest day this week

I could have kissed the post man - if I would have been home wen he came by - he dropped two swap parcels. My Doll Quilt for September and my very special "Swap°pen auf Deutsch" cushion .

Swap°pen - mein Kissen ist da!

Doll Quilt arrival - September 2013

die Rückseite ist fast genauso schön ...

Ahh and I had this crazy idea about finishing up the Red Herrign top ... it works out fine - I might add a row in the future ... at the bottom or the bottom and the sides who knows I don't have batting to finish it anyway at the moment.

Red Herring top

Red Herring top

I decided to go for bigger sashing there because it helps with the shift of the blocks - if you loko at the others with thinner sashing at the top/bottom of te blocks you will see that the "herring bone" pattern gets shifted quite a bit to the right ... I tried to avoid that - the bigger distance with the sashing makes up for that to some degree. Oh and turning the top up sided down helps a lot because it changes the way you look at the shift. [Do I make sense?]

Ohh and I get to drive home and enjoy some motherly cooking - and it's finally autumn - we broke the zero degree margin tonight and we have heavy fog with sight under 50 meters - cycling was hell this morning - the should make pedestrians wear head lamps and reflectors ....



  1. What precious gifts and your Herringbone top looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. gorgeous red herringbone quilt!!! i love the color... you've had a great time!

  3. Love your red herringbone top! Very clever to adjust the sashing so as not to interfere with the pattern.

  4. What an awesome week. The herringbone looks terrific!

  5. So Gorgeous!! I wanted to tell you too that your quilt to me, Karen in Indiana never came....so much work I am sure you did on it too....please don't think you have to do another one for me...I just thought you might be able to track it and see where it landed......your work you do is wonderful!! Hugs!!! Karen