the end of torture is drawing near

It was an interessting experience, but I don't think I'm looking forward to writing a paper in English again - ever. My "thoughs" need to be turned into "howevers" and I seem to constantly mess up the use of "these" and "those" and have an un-English high use of "the". Did I mention I suck at punctuation?

Thankfully, for the sake of my sanity (and that of any other person daring to distract me while writing) it's almost done and I'm in the process of letting it sit and give the whole thing a break for a last read-trhough and last minute change session over the weekend.

So yeah I'm into "sewig" again - I didn't really do anyhting apart from preparing sport shorts for this summer = sew the pockets shut so I don't get disqualified.

I'm presenting the beginnings of: "Keen on Green" for mochawildchild

Keen on Green - DQS - 3/2014

And I made a dent in circling the square .... 

circling the square

And started on some star and irish chain blocks to send off  by Friday ...

reds and blue and a basic white



  1. that green star is "way cool"

  2. Your Keen on Green looks very interesting. I am eager to see the finished product.

  3. Your green paper piecing is looking cool. I can not wait to see the block all done.

  4. Hi Leo, The keen on green looks so complicated! to much patience required for me! lol. The quilting is looking great and the loft of the batting makes it look like it must be very cuddly! Good luck on your paper, I can't even begin to imagine being that proficient in another language. cheers, CW