welcome spring

Since the weekend the weather is sunny and warm - feels almost hot - well ok it's warm enough for skirts with knee-hights and sweatshirts. And did I mention sunny? and it smells like spring, the first things are blooming - daffodils and snow bells and some of those cherry tress that are just for show. Well anyway the whole spring thingy had me sewing a bit more than the no sewing somethign that's not for a swap or a bee ...

ready to wrestle some more

I finally got my monster ready to quilt soem more circles ... just a few more days ... and it could be finished. The other thing I did was work with some wool scraps - very strange thin, flimsy, soft wool. There will be a second set somwhere along the way ... when my sewing machien is free again ...

old wool scraps


linking up with WIP Wednesday


  1. The top quilt looks lovely, what wadding do you use? it looks really fluffy and full and snuggly.

  2. Looks like a beautiful monster!

  3. Hi Leo, Ah the joys of muscling a quilt around a short arm! But it looks great, I'm sure it will come out wonderful! I like all the plaid colors and greys together do you have some more colors? Happy Spring! cheers, CW