home sweet home

I spent the last week walking around London - being very very gratefull for my trainers - the first half was all fun and touristy and the end was a bit more stressfull running around the Book Fair, that is really really tiny if you are used to the book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig.

I'm not really an airplane person - my choice of transport usually is the train because buses are so slow ...

Frankfurt - main station

I took a local train to meet this one at Frankfurt main station to take me all the way to Brussels ...

dinner in Brussels

... where I had a lye ring with butter and egg for dinner (I probably need to do a post about lye rolls at some point in the future) ...

London below

... then I spent a lot of time looking at things - like the cellar in the Guild Hall ...

London above

... and wandering through backroads in the city - much more beautiful than main roads ...

King's Cross St. Pancrass

... and then I got back on the train on a beatuiful un-British sunny day changed the trains a few times saw some strange people - made luggage friends and enemies (I don't travel with the smallest of backpacks). And came home at night to a fabric dream ...

sewing supplies to go through

... part of my great aunt's sewing supplies - fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers and what-nots ready for me to inspect and decide what to do with it.



  1. Wow beautiful pictures. For now this is about as close as I will get to London. Yes please do a post on the lye rolls, that one on me.???

  2. Hey Leo, I love traveling on trains, but here in the states the service is pretty scetchy. Thanks for the tour. What Guild Hall would that be? Aren't there many different kinds? And , yes, what is a Lye ring? Looks kind of like a pretzel?! Sewing hand -me-downs, How exciting! Welcome home and thanks for the post card I got it today! What fun! cheers, CW

  3. We travelled on one train in Australia and it was the most comfortable and relaxing travel that we did the whole time. I prefer it over planes, buses and cars. Looks like you had an interesting time in London. Thanks for the postcard. It was really fun to receive it. And yes please do a post on lye rolls.