Bee update and a swap mini

When I opend my mailbox after my Esater "holidays" it was full of beautiful bee blocks and my March Mini-Quilt. It was a joy ripping open a handful of letters in one go ...

ll that arrived so far - March Hive8
(you will have to excuse the mess in the corner - I'm slowly working my way through the boxes from the last post)

Now while I'm waiting on 3 more letters with blocks I thought it woudl be great to put all the bee blocks together - I'm wide open for suggestions on trying to sort which block goes where, because I'm sure by just placing them somewhere they won't look random at all ... I can't ever seem to get random by randomly placing blocks ...

collected blocks

this thing is gettig to large to take pictures .. I tryed climbing on the bed - which was too low, so I took a chair which worked somehow next time I will have to lay it out in front of the desk - the table should be high enough ...

Well but I did say something about a mini quilt - it'S from the ususal swap, this months theme was "keen on green" - but I won't keep you from the pciture, it's really a beautiful little thing:

DQS 2014/03 - from Francine

Any ideas oh great wise ones of the quilting world what one could do with miniquilts - take off the binding and put them together like a QAYG-Quilt? turn them into a tote? because I can't put nails the walls here (well the walls are so hard you need to use the drill and then you can put a nail in that hole) and I'm running out of storage space ...



  1. Sew a ring (or two) or a sleeve to the back and then use the amazing 3M Command Hooks. I don't know if you can find them locally for you, but you can find them online.

    Your blocks do look random right now but there is a darker patch on the left, kind of near the middle and lower third. That can look good though - look at Timna Tarr's quilts for her "random" placements.

  2. hey Leo, The Bee blocks are Fantastic! And they look pretty random to me?! I find the more colors and blocks the less you have to Try to make a layout random and the more it just happens. Cand you hang the mini quilt on the back of your door? a couple of really small flat head nails in the top of the door with fishing line tied on before you nail them in and you can tie a small hanger to the loose ends. I've used this technique on big doors that you don't want to mark the surface of the door, like hanging wreaths at xmas time. I think that mini quilt pattern would be great for a bar quilt or row by row layout?! cheers, CW