slow bloggers

well maybe not so much a slow blogger as a slow sewer (seweress hmm no still sounds a bit unappetizing)  - I feel like I have been catchign up with one thing or the other for a long time - until finally yesterday a class was cancelled and I had the strangest feeling of all:

... a vast emptyness ... nothing to do  ...

So I decided to dust off my sewing area - and have a look around my fabrics and strat something new, beacuase that'S always more fun than finishing somethign old - and I have enough UFOs I should be working on. But it's spring and the UFOs will keep unitl the end of summer, when of course there will be autumn and more new projects will want to be started.

As my "strange fabric pile" (so everything that's not what they call not quilting quality fabric) has grown quite since I emptied my great-aunt's boxes I decided maybe I should use up some of those.

64-patch ... or 4 16-patches ...or ...

That's what I came up with so far ... it's a coarse weave cotton - a bit like linen, figures as it once was a white, green, blue striped table cloth - after cutting it up the strips ended up at 1,5 inch width. And after filling the "nothing to do"-scare I ended up with 3 new 64-patches:

more squares

Apart from that there hasn't been any sewing, not really ...

Ohh but I already have an idea for a name, the colours remind me of the blues and greens in those vacation brochures about holidays in the tropics ...



  1. I like the different texture. Very tiny patches. I'm impressed.

  2. Well that vast emptiness was filled with making something very promising! I love the texture and colours and look forward to seeing what it turns into.

  3. The colours are quite wonderful! Right now it looks like great placemats.... I'm wondering what you have in mind for it. Isn't it lovely to have a little bit of "free" time.