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He Loves Me - He Loves Me Not

I couldn't really blieve my eyes today- after paying the fees for the next semester there is actually something left to spend on fun things - so now I need to decide, faric for new things or batting to finish old things ...Well while I trouble my brain with that luxury problem I used up some of my stash and scraps - or are scraps considered stash?

Angel block - April Hie#7, NewBee Bee
an angel block

8 - Bouquet9 - Box
             And block 8 - Bouquet                    and              block 9 - Box for my Farmer's Wife

scrap farm is growing

And here they are all together - a great way to use up scraps, though it will be a tough time choosing a sashing that won't clash with all the colours ... and no there is no way I'm going to use white ... ohh and I still need to add a handle to my basket.



  1. Great colour in your Farmer's Wife. Where will the angel block go?

  2. Great blocks and yep, I consider scraps part of my stash! Thanks for sharing at Linky Tuesday! Freemotion by the River

  3. 'Love all the colors! Some times with bright colorful projects I box each block in it's own complimentary strip. Then each block is individually framed. Also I saw a zig zag setting the other day that might be fun I will try to find the link. Congrates on the pocket change! cheers, CW