a new round of wrestling

I think - now - it was a really really really nutty idea to quilt this thingy in circles. - Why did noone warn me? fellow quilters are not supposed to let others walk blindinly into circle sewing hell!

a difficult start

no worries the white tape is just for the thump - got hit by a ball and bent a little too much. The white is nicer than the purplish blue though ... the blue band aid on the pinky- well I was really stupid moving my sewing machine over a bit, touched one of the little light bulbs - and I know you are not supposed to put band aids on blisters, but I can't have spots on my white quilt ...

corners need straightening out
aren't those socks fabulous?

See how so not good the fabric placement is for quitling? I don't know what I did wrong with the initial basting, but I seriously had to re-do it in the corners. Any ideas as to why that happend?

straight corners!

I shall continue with the circling with now newly basted straight corner. That's the reason for an unvoluntary break - but it's time for dinner anyway

not the best reason for a quitling break



  1. I love circle quilting but haven't been brave enough to try it yet. I think your's looks great though.

  2. Your spiral quilting is lovely! I'm glad you got your bunching issue sorted out.

  3. It's looking fantastic. My quilts always move or stretch (quite) a bit in the direction that I am quilting.

  4. Hey Leo, The quilting looks great! Take heart, machine quilting on a standard short arm machine is a tussle regardless of the pattern. I agree with Catherine stretching occurs no matter what pattern just 'cause your pulling the quilt around so much. And the way you fixed it was the right thing to do. It will be great! cheers, cw

  5. You made a great recovery on that corner! The circle quilting looks fantastic! I'll have to try it sometime. That needle really broke, didn't it?!

  6. Hi Leo, you were very brave to quilt a larger design in a circle. You have quite a bit of bulk, which is always hard to quilt. Love your star socks.