getting there

That is the studies and I are getting somewhere - I officially signed up for my last term paper (or is it semester paper - if you have semesters?) Of course I couldn't find my TANs. Arghh so I had to run and get another set of 50 of them. 

last time to ever need one of those things and of course I had to get a new set ...
(yeah just in case I don't know my German anymore - it comes bilingual)

And N.N. and I are getting somwhere - I used the afternoon to get started on "fill in the gap"-blocks for my N.N. quilt ... and I think the square-in-a-square-in-a-squares are almost too beautiful by themselves to end up in the scrappy setting. But I will finish N.N. first before I maybe do one using all the solids.

square-in-a-square-in-a-square to fill in the empty spaces

I tried to lay the blocks out on the floor, but it's a realyl really tight squeeze - and after climbing on my sideboard and trying to balance on a swing chair I won't try to take pictures of the whole thing anymore, though I will leave it out and change a block here and there - bring some more chaos in the scrappyness. I'm really really pleased how the experiment turned out.

too huge for my design floor

And before you tell me - yes I know I'm missing 2 sets of 9-patches, and one complete block - the patches are in the making and the block will get here too, as it's a bee quilt, there was bound to be at least one postal service failiure [<-- there is a typo in there I feel it].



  1. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  2. Hey Leo, I don't know what Tan numbers are but you go girl! And the top looks fantastic! Even thought the 9 patches have a lot going on the solid square in squares keep it from getting to crazy and the colors are just wonderful! cheers, CW