August Bee block instruction

For this month we - well I have already doen some - will sew somethign green ....
The first step is the fabric selection:

all green fabric selection

well yes there is some green - but that doesn't mean that fabric qualifies as greenmore greens - and a bad green       paired greens

Some more greens - but that top fabric with the ble screens is NOT green ---- and well yes that fabric too has some green, but it is NOT green

cutting instructions

You need to form 4 fabric pairs - light/dark - from each pair you will need:
  • First Green:  one 2,5" square, one 4,5"x2,5" rectangle, one 6,5"x2,5" rectangle (2 times light green, 2 times dark green)
  • Second Green: one 2,5" square, one 4,5"x6,5" rectangle (two times light green, two times dark green)
Sewing - quarter inch seam allowance
  •  sew the two 2,5" squares together - iron the seam open (and I would ask you to really do that)
    ironing the seams open ... placement of the longer square
  • when sewing the longer strip of "Second Green" make sure of the placement of the strip - when you place the "square pair" on top of it, the "Second Green" square should be the one nearer to you
  • add the other strips log cabin style (ironing the seams open as you go)
  • repeat for all four patches and this is what you could end up with (different colours same general look though)
  • please measure your 4 squares and make sure they are 6,5" square before you send them off
    4 squares together


    I'm lookign forward to see your interpretations. Any and all questions can be asked here or on threadbias - ther are no stupid questions.



    1. You have a lot of nice green fabrics. I have a lot of weird green fabrics. :(

    2. That's easy enough! Even I can do that block. ;-)

    3. I like all those green, even the ones with blue! teehee! That's a fun block and it can be turned this way and that to produce different effects! fun! cheers, CW

    4. Great instructions. Janet is right; you have a lot of nice greens. Mine are less nice. Thanks for linking up!