You can do it if you want to

That's a bit of my version of one of my mothers standard answers to most of my requests: "You can have it if you can do it" ... hang up a picture frame, a green wall, butterfly curtains, a bar in my doorframe to play with,  a wooden custom fitted rack ... 

Well I always liked the geometric appliquée things - not so much the Baltimore Album Style stuff (much too chaotic for me), but more the Hawaiian quilt things ... So yes - I can have one if I can do one, so I decided to sit down and give myself a pep talk. And decided to go for somethign small ... and thought about using the thing for a panel for a bag. I guess I should still have used some sort of backing fabric .. though of course the bag will be lined - maybe I should have waited with the quitling ... well yeah you grow with your mistakes

back of bag panel ...

  Well that thing was no good for a first timer ... absolutley stupid thing to do of me - but at least it's not too ugly. But I decided to have a go at the basics and asked around a little - the answer was essentiall: "Just do it!"

So I thought I would take some gemetric shapes as I like geometry ... and ended up circles of different sizes and parts of circles.

Block 1

Block 2

Again stupid stupid insane me - circles are not easy to get round doing needle turn ... and those tips of the green leaf-ish things - and absolute nightmare ... well they are all differentlly shaped ...



  1. Well Leo, you are braver than me. The reason I don't do much needle turned appliqué is that it takes a lot of practice to be good at it! sigh. I love the way it looks though and there are a lot of cheater ways to do applique that look wonderful. There are lots of web sites with tutorials etc. every stitch.blogspot.com has a good tutorial on basting and needle turn...well good luck! cheers, cw

  2. Awesome! You made it yours! LG Karen