getting things done

sometimes you need a little kick in the ass to get some more sewing done ... I first started this quilt about a year ago when I chose the block for the bee Biased Bee to sew for me. I finished the top somwhen later that year and only now got around to just figure out a backing.

finally a complete border + a red flannel and signature blocks for the back

I had all the stuff set out and started actually piecing and then decided the "siganture blocks" where too colourfull to just sew directly to each other and I wasn't really lookign forward to cuttign up the flannel - I was a bit afraid it wouldn't be big enough in the end ..

So I completely threw that decision over baord and went hutnign for the remainder fo the solids I used for the front and started piecing a backing ... which now turns out o be almost looking like a second front ...

... and it keeps growing ...

If you wonder what the white spot is for - I plan to use that instead of a lable to put all the swap information down ... Now just a few more stripes of red and I can go on to basting and then eventually quitling. Well as soon as I cleared up more of my floor ...



  1. Please tell me you didn't say too colourful? I am a firm believer that no such thing as too colourful exists *grin*. It looks good too with the solid blocks. Am very curious how you are going to quilt it.

  2. Hey Leo, both the back and the front look great! I like the set of the blocks, every other with a solid in between is a really good way to go. cheers, CW

  3. Anonymous14 July, 2014

    Good to see this coming along, and I happen to love the back with the signature blocks, something I was reluctant to do at the time! Enjoy the quilting Leonie!