someone's been busy and yet nothing's been really done

I don't know why I always have 101 projects at the same time. Good new is one of them is Queen Bee project so I don't actually have to sew for it. So aside from writing my paper (#1) I did some sort of handycraft each day. I have that handy sort of alarm clock that so I do a break every hour for at least 15 minutes ...

So I did sew some more blocks for GREEN (I'm absolutely pathetic when it comes to thinking up names for my quilts - maybe I shoudl call it "Wiese" (pasture) or even "Hope" ...

first August blocks arriving
the first quadrants arrived today

it's growing
together with the mine - layout is still undecided

I started an appliquée project that looks a bit tricky - but hey I can do it .. I just need to want to enough for long enough. (I'm sure I can get Kathinca to kick me in the behind from time to time if needed) .Well I went for purple/pupleish/bloodred/rosewood this time - creating my own personal purple hell - Lila Hölle. And as I'm a miserable planner I change my plans a lot ...

handpiecing ...

.. I haven't decided on a background yet  - that is I originally pulled a cream /off white solid, because I really have a lot of it but somehow this print that I found in one of those "end of bolt boxes" (it's almost a metre but not quite) at a fabric store in town seemed like a nice background to take the picture and then I tough -well it doesn't look too bad as a background either ... but I'm not sure - arghh. [They do have another bolt of it so I could get more of it .. ]

But I also almost finishd a quilt - ok the quitlign has been finished since the end of July, but my original plans to quilt it on a train trip home for a wedding somehow didn't work out - on the way there I had to read through a Master thesis and add my comments and on the way back I had my little tin box with needle and thread busried deep, deep down in my backpack - couldn't find it so I just grabed a book. But I have been working on and off sewing on the binding ...

diagonal quilting

I finished all my Joan Hickson as Miss Marple DVDs though, so late night progress was rather slow. But I got a box of Hercule Poirot movies yesterday so maybe tomorrow I'm on again.

differently coloured threads

Just showing that I used differently coloured thready to quilt ... yeah I know, I know the lines aren't completely straight, but I guess ones it's been in the washing machine there will be too much crinkling to notice it ... on the solids I marked the lines with a chalk pen, on the pieced parts I just "eye balled" (I know bad manners etc) ...

Yeah I still also have my Storm at Sea the regular UFOs and now a absolutley new project that I have no idea how it's going to look like yet apart form it being a cushoin cover, there are simply too many weddings this year. Let your pattern ideas flow ...

Ohh and before I forget it - I do would love some more critique please  ~ I will not not like you, I will not be mad at you, I will not ignore you and I certainly won't delet your comment if you write something that is not 100% my opinion ... so like the blue-green polka dot in the middle of the upper row in the green quilt I really think it shouldn't be in there it's odd.



  1. Hi Loni it looks like you are having fun even if you are not finishing any thing at present; just think one day they will all finish at the same time even if it is in 10 years time. Just keep having fun. Love the compass. Cheers Glenda PS I won't tell you how many UFO's I have waiting to be finished???????

  2. What paper are you working on?

  3. You get so much done for someone who has no time to work on things!! I love the nine patch.

  4. All three of your projects are so nice! When I saw just the block photo over on Connie's linky site, I thought the green blocks was one large quilt. And thought what a great baby quilt that much would make! Looks like a fun swap. I have a dresden star in about the same 'done-ness' as your compass block. Love the colors you are using! Would a white background make it pop? And your 9-patch is a Wow! quilt! Thanks for sharing! Have fun finishing up!

  5. I love the colors you chose! The quilts seem so warm and inviting!

  6. When you figure out the trick to get perfectly straight lines please share. Nobody will notice they will just look at the overall quilt and say it is pretty. And the imperfections make the quilt exciting in my opinion. I love green and those green fabrics of yours are simply delicious. How do you say delicious in German?

    1. And the turquoise fabric ... I would leave it in there. It will be a little suprise in the quilt.

  7. So you do things the Amish way? They intentionally put an error in every quilt as nothing is perfect except that made from God.

  8. I love, LOVE your compass block against the script background. Is that the beginning of a Love Entwined quilt? I have printed off the patterns for that, but I am still in applique training wheels, or applique diapers, or something like that -- not quilt ready to tackle such a Big Girl applique project yet! Your color and fabric choices are really inspiring. As for the polka dot block in your "GREEN" quilt, I say to leave it for now. I don't know how big you plan to go with this one, but sometimes those couple of blocks that seem out of place while you're making the quilt top are exactly the interesting bits that make the quilt special once all the blocks are assembled. So I would leave it for now and make a few extra blocks, then make your final judgment once you finalize the layout for the entire quilt. All of your projects look beautiful!

  9. I love your quilts, and a lot of time something that different is the best, I'm new at appilque and quilting, have no ideas as to what is wrong or what is right. You are the only one that has to be please with your work. The green poke o dots are added interest.

  10. love the purple star and think it would look awesome on that background.