what do you do when you can't sew

Yeah I really need to give up sports ... but then I love it too much ... maybe I should just refuse to play against the young guys who still are in stages of having problems to control their movements ... aye anyway I did work on some more things - though not on anything on my WIP list ...

With all those green fabrics I've been collecting for "Herrliche Wiese" ... thanks Kathinca for the name I had this idea to sew a miniature double wedding ring cuhsion cover for my cousin ...

miniature wedding ring - getting rid of those ugly ends

now I think I like it too much to give it away ...

So then I thought I could do something easy but effective - because after all not everyone has my taste for colourful stuff ... ok it's still colourful, but at least only two colours taht could fit in somewhere

hrmless cushion back - corduroy and linen

I rather like it ... but I don't like it so much that I couldn't bare parting with it - and there we are back at the teeny tiny problem of sports. I started some hand quilting on it - stitch in the dicth on the red corduroy and was planning on dark purple utility quitling quitling lines ... but I can't even hold my coffe mug and certainly no needle where precision is needed ... stupid thumb ... Aye and the glasses don't sit too well after my nose lost in a ellbow versus nose match ...

So I think I will unearth this cushion front I did while ago because there I can just use the sewing machine to finish it - ohh and it's ofr sure goign to be a sleve cover because I sure can't pin a zipper in place ... maybe I should two or three tiny patches of velcro...

cushion cover or modern mini?

Yeah I know rrather colourful again ... can't help myself in that department ... and with that I'm off to writing again so it's really hart to remember not hit the space bar with the thumb well the hurt sure serves as a reminder not to ... aye and looking gor somewthing sew-ish where I don't need full finger functionallity ... maybe I can pin baste with my left hand?

I can always plan more new quilts ... pull fabrics ... mix and match them ... or I could spend the day reading ...



  1. My sewing machine has been out of order for a while, and I've never really been patient enough to sew by hand, so I have taken up knitting in the mean time. I really need to get my sewing machine fixed, though, as I have many ideas backlogged in my brain.

    I can see why you didn't want to give away your top cushion cover. I really like the middle one. It's a shame you couldn't finish it.

  2. Ouch! All those injuries sure make things tricky :)
    Loving the Wedding Ring cushion cover, I am a fan of bright and colourful too :) And I would find it tough to part with too :) Liking the other two as well, hope you can manage an envelope closure at least :)

  3. I really like what you are doing with the double wedding ring! It looks like it is appliqued, rather than pieced. But fantastic colours! I love colour too. Yup, you got to figure out a way to play sports and not get injured...

  4. Oh dear, I hope you recover from all your injuries soon! I love all your projects - not least how different they all are.

  5. Frustrating to have to deal with the injuries. But your work is beautiful. I like the colours and the intricate wedding ring.

  6. Love the double wedding ring, Leo. QuilterinMotion (Threadbias)