the las few months ...

writing kept me insanely busy last month ... the only sewing I did was for the last two months was for bees bees and more bees ...

nested star
nested star for January Stash Bee

Butterfly - January NewBee Bee Hive#8

saw-tooth stars block
Stars for February Stash Bee

garden fence block
Garden Fence block - February NewBee Bee Hive #8

unscharfe vorschau
February sneak peak for the round roin

Ohh and I can't for the life of me find my camera - so I'm taking crappy pictures with my cell phone that I figured out how to connect to the computer after almost 6 years ...

Ohh in between my Ladies flag football team won the university championship here- well there was only one other Ladies team, so it was a little bit like cheating, but as there were only two we were grouped with the "men" - I still haven't recovered completely from the one team that really really hated to loose against us ... I'm just not build to be run over by almost 200 pounds ... so I'm still icing after every practice and tape is my best friend ...



  1. Beautiful bee blocks! Also, congrats on the flag football championship! That must've been so fun! I am not very good at it - not fast - but I enjoy it a lot the few time's I've played.

  2. Yowch! Keep that ice on. Fun bee blocks. www.quiltartbymegan.com

  3. Hey Leo, I like all the bee blocks! Especially the 4 stars, the colors are great! Congrates on the team wins. 'hope the writing is going well! cheers