The Red Herring is quilted

I llowed myself a bit of sewing fun tonight - I had a last row to do on my Red Herring and it kept staringat me - that is getting in the way being moved around ...

Red Herring - stitchin the ditch ...

Red Herring - the back

It was really hard to capture the quilting lines - even though it's black thread on red ...



  1. Hallo Löni, der Quilt ist ein echter Hingucker. Und man sieht die Quiltlinien schon und sie sehen gut aus. Ich mag es, wenn es genauso gequiltet ist: ein bißchen grafisch und nicht zu viel. Viele Grüße, Martina

  2. feels good getting a finish doesn't it :D And it looks good too !

  3. Glad to see the red herring again. The chevrons make a great pattern on the back too! I bet the black thread looks great in person. cheers, cw

  4. Nicely done! This is such an inviting quilt - you must be thrilled to have it finished. :) Well - some binding attention, and then it's good for cuddling!

  5. Striking quilt! I feel your pain on photography. It's difficult to make those quilting lines show up even when there's contrasting thread. www.quiltartbymegan.com