The big bad ugly

In autumn 2013 there was a one block wonder QAL I was reluctant to join, because I was not really looking forward to buying a big print fabric only to cut it up in pieces ... until I found one of the most ugly fabrics in my (inherited) stash.

the beautiful ugliness I'm goign to cut up for a one block wonder

I had no qualms whatsoever to cut it into tiny pieces and make a complete mess out of it ... but somehow the fabric worked and I started puzzling and tryign to find placements to get that colour flow within a squarish-shape ...

puzzling all night - and the next morningfinished top - OBW!!

Once I had finished the toop I had to look for the most fantastic backing ever - I mean with that front, it needed to be extra garish ... and I did find something ... more nightmare-ish flowers

basted the big bad ugly ...

now that I finished quilting ... I need to wait for nice weather to take some shots that show it's grand ugliness in its best light ...

quilted the big bad ugly ...


  1. What you've done with this is brilliant - such a clever use!:-)

  2. Interestung project. I had to laugh at your descriptions, spot on!

  3. Well I have to say that I like the finished product much more than I liked the original print. :)

  4. The whole thing together looks awesome! I definitely have a few prints like this hanging around.

  5. Hey Leo, I think this is a quilt you have to see in person to really appreciate all the clever little details that go on when you start to deconstruct a busy print! I liked both layouts, but maybe the one on the left better, I don't know why?! Must have been a bear to quilt?! cheers, cw

  6. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Haha that grand ugliness became a beautiful swan. Great idea to use a yucky fabric to cut up. www.quiltartbymegan.com

  8. This is fantastic! I love it.