Scrap busting for scrap storage

I don't have much time to do sewing at the moment - but then when did I ever?
I was a but unhappy with all the different boxes and fabric all over the place and I am goign to have to sew a basket for a swap in June following the Hour Basket pattern so I thought conscentious sewer that I am I would do a trial run.
Miraculously the basket fit perfectly in the middle shelf of my sewing shelves ... so I just couldn't stop until I had a row of scrappy scrap baskets for my most common scrap colours.

a full shelf



  1. The baskets are just wonderful and they fit into almost every shelf. I also made some baskets for a shelf. Will you continue with more basket for the shelf below?

  2. Of course I highly aprove of your Scrap Storage baskets!! And they are so Scrappyly cute! cheers!

  3. That's a great idea. Very cheerful baskets and excellent way to sort by color.