more green and a winner

spring green 

I couldn't resist to post a few more pictures of the garden greens - false forget-me-nots doing lovely in their shady corner

But yes of course - the winner needs to be determined - I wish the number would have been lower it, so Iwouldn't have to count all the way to 96.

And No. 96 is:

Love them and need them! thanks for the chance!!

a very special green - grandma's grapes ...

And for a green finale - a very special litle green splot - that is a very hardy very sweet grape from granny's garden, we "borrowed a few cut offs in autumn and waited for months to finally see this.


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  1. Hey Leo, That's a sweet little flower. The flower really looks like a forget me not but the leaf is different?! Congrates on the new sprouts, it's so exciting when when starts actually show up in Spring!!! cheers