inside the sewing machine

I woke up early today and figured I could get some sewing done, I did get three seams done when my machine suddenly stopped the cooperation - just wouldn't want to work anymore. Being my dady's girl I figured I would just take it appart and see what the problem was. Don't worry he taught me well so I made notes which parts I took out where and in which order.

I took off the walking foot and the covering plateand the front table/box

And here we have the problem, there was some orangy-reddish thread wound around the thing that makes the lower part of the machine turn - sorry I have no idea what that part is called in German so I can't look it up in a dictionary. The round thing in the left half front is the thing that holds the under thread/lower thread.

My assorted tools ... keys, knives, spoon, scissors, a bend safety pin ... I know not ideal but that was all I could get my hands on this morning. The green knife and the scissors prooved to be most useful with the screws. The white box on the left that holds mostly needles and a seam ripper and empty spools is the front part of the "sewing table".

And that is what stopped my machine from running - I think I will have to take it apart more often from now on to oil the moving parts and get out all the threads and dust that collects in there. And yes I managed to put the whole thing together again and will reward myself with another coffe and a nutella bread.



  1. Good job - it amazes me how much thread and fluff can accumulate in a sewing machine!

  2. In the end it just needed a bit of cleaning. That's good. :-)

  3. Good for you for feeling confident to take your machine apart and for fixing it on your own! Wahoo! Quite a little nest of thread.

  4. Yuck!! My children like to brush out the insides so it's kept quite clean. I have never oiled it though... should I? I've had it serviced twice in 16 years that might help!?