bad picture time or fall is here

It's really getting fall now, my linden tree / lime tree in front of the window has been turning yellow the last couple of days.
But it truly hit me when I wanted to take pictures at the beginning of my sewing time and realised there was no natural light left anymore, completely black outside ...

As I can't shift my sewing time to be done during the day I guess I will just have to use those pictures. The last days I've been cutting and started sewing this quilt kit.

walk the line

walk the line

The rest of the time I'm buried in very dry books, cutting down cherry trees 2 done 1 to go but that can wait, and getting ever better at touch typing thanks to my approved table of contents ...
And geting very great parcels from overseas - more on that towards the end of the week, or I won't have anything to write about.



  1. Even if you have to photograph it in the dark, the quilt looks lovely!

  2. I agree with Catherine, what a lovely quilt!

  3. Geeze Leo, It's still averaging 38-42 degrees around here. Well it is deaert, I keep telling myself...but when does it cool off?! Anyway, I like the project. What's not to like in a blue and green color scheme! cheers, CW