September was a mixed month - my post for the Let's get acquainted blog hop.

Let's get acquainted blog hop

enjoy a book

A Holiday trip and the start of a ticking clock

and a teeny tiny bit of sewing  and there won't be that much to come -
the lightbulb in my machine is dead.
How I love shopping for special expensive spare parts ...
On the other hand my mum saved two bags of scraps for me - they will make a great Christmas present.

walk the line

and giving a nerve wracking driving lesson - not everyone is meant to be a teacher ...



  1. Still love your leaf - and your beautiful holiday picture. Your blues and greens quilt is going to be great!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. your leaf is very good, well done!

  3. Nice images. Hopefully quilting can alleviate some of the stress of teaching driving!

  4. Scraps are always fun! Love your blue and green quilt.

  5. Love your leaf! Hope you get a new lightbulb for your machine soon.

  6. I like that picture of your leaf. Is that the same picture? Have you work anymore on the blue and green? I've been meaning to ask you, what kind of sewing machine do you have? cheers, CW

  7. Still love your leaf!

  8. Hated sitting with my kids in the car when they were learning to drive - terrifying!!! Hubby was so much better at it than me, incredibly calm and patient, which was totally amazing as in 'real' life he's quite the opposite :)

  9. Hi!!! Love the leaf!!!! I just lived through the teaching driving thing!!!! Whoa!!! There are permanent finger prints on the passenger side dashboard!!! But I am ok!!! Best wishes for a quick learner!!

  10. Your leaf is very special! I am so glad that my kids are long over learning to drive. I was the teacher - and I'm a relaxed person in a car, but it was still a trial. What is the clock ticking down to?

  11. Your leaf and the quilting on and around it is gorgeous! I really like your photos you took about the process in making it too:)