border problem solved

well it was not really a problem - it was more a problem of me not being in a mood to make decisions .. so yesterday evening I just had that idea and started cuttign and sewing.  Yes I know I should have ironed it compeltely for the photo shoot, but I figured was only goign to sew around the border so the outer shashing was all that got ironed - I really don't like it a lot.

Beginners QAL
yes that's a chair in the rigth bottom corner - it is higher than the bed, I might try the desk next

And I worked on my October project ... I tried Elizabeth's barn bats and even though mine look completely different I still like them. Befor and after quilting - you can see how much the colours are off with different light, if you look at the cutting mat. Now I just need to decide on a fabric for the binding (another decision!).

And a question for you:
How do you make your pumkin pie? (I don't want to choose a random recipe from the internet)



  1. Hey Leo, I think your solution was brilliant! Another shade of orange helped tie it all together and bringing the sashing fab out to the edges reinforced that mix! I like the bats, I don't think I have ever seen that block pattern! Most people I know don't make pumpkin pie from scratch. You can buy pumpkin 'filling' in the stores here in the states. I've made a few fillings from scratch over the years. I'll get back to you on the recipe. cheers, CW

  2. I love this quilt, it says happy. I love orange and am always glad to see others use it in quilting. Great job on the bat quilt. Like Claire I have never seen that pattern.

    I always use the Libby's can pumpkin recipe. The best I have ever tasted, even better than my made from scratch. I do have a great pumpkin cake recipe I could email you if you like.

    blessings, jill

  3. Love the bat quilt! Can't help you with a pie recipe (I prefer apple pie!).

  4. I don't have a pumpkin pie recipe but I have made pumpkin cheesecake before. Both your quilts look great - and I agree - I am always so surprised about how different my pics look depending where and when I take them.

  5. Ooooh the bats look great! I vote stripey or zig zag binding. I can't help you on the pumpkin pie recipe, sorry!
    happy sewing