once in a while

... I'm fed up with what I have to do ...

done - left for referenceto do

to the left  are things still to include into the text - to the right keepers just in case I need to look again

Aye well I got really really fed up yesterday and got some sewing done. I added the outer blue border to my Walk the Line top - I really like it. I'm still waiting on my batting - not that I would know how to quilt it if I had the batting here and could actually baste it.

Walk the line

Somethign completely else - Claire, mentioned she thought I could use a purple or blue to go with my Beginner's QAL blocks. Well that's an idea of my purple. How about a simple: arghhh no you can do that!!! or a ohh my that's an absolutely lovely combination!! from you  ...

Beginner's Quilt Along

I also started on my October Mini Quilt - for the Doll Quilt Swap - mine is already halfway over the Ocean. I hope those colours qualify as autumnal. I didn't go for Halloween. Where I am Halloween does NOT exist. We have our own not so nice traditional holidays around those days.

October Doll Quilt

And of course my current best friend. He came to me late this summer as a late birhtday present. Since then he spends most mornings beside the bed keeping my book company until he gets into action again after lunch and spends the rest of the day and night watching over my computer and making sure my vitally important USB-stick doesn't wander off. Aye yes he keeps my coffeein level on a constant high.

my best friend



  1. Your Walk the Line quilt is lovely. I love the blues. The purple is a nice combination...but it's your quilt so do what YOU like. That's one thing I like about quilting...it's all about what I like! Love the cup...very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Leo, I agree with DeAnna on both counts. Thw walk the line quilt looks great and it is your quilt so do what feels right to you. What ever I say is only a suggestion. I can remember drinking lots of coffee when I was young, now I allow myself one cup in the AM and maybe an ice coffe in the afternoon. But my paper writing days are also long gone. You go girl! That thesis will be done before you know it, cheers, Claire W.

  3. Since you asked...;-) I am a big lover of purple, but in the case of your BQAL, I would not add the purple. I would play around more with other colors and then decide. Purple is cool, red and orange are warm. Purple and yellow are complimentary of each other. I honestly have never understood the red and purple combo myself, so maybe I am a bit bias. Maybe if the prints had some purple in them, but it appears that your prints 'read' solid...hope that makes sense.

    Like your thesis, keep at it and all will work out.

  4. jumping on the bandwagon, I too love your blues & greens but not so sure about the purple... does it absolutely have to have a border at all? I am seeing more and more quilts without a border. just a thought

  5. Aw, that mug is so cute! I think it would look good with or without the purple - I agree with your first commenter!

  6. Oh do I ever know your sentiments to your top two photographs! UGH
    Love love love that you've made the quilt top that you won from me. I know you e-mailed me ages ago that you had, but now I've finally come to take a look. Great job! Love the blue border.