some more sewing at last

Having talked both my parents into proof reading my paper (there has to be something positive in them being seperated)  I decided it was time for a sunday off - especially as winter started this weekend.

first snow

It's not a lot, but for an area that usually doesn't get a a lot of snow before January it's amazing. (I want to go home I want more snow!!) Mind last weekend we still had about 20°C - that makes it a temperature drop of 20° in a week ... And I won't get my winter gear before November 15th. Well I will just have to use the onion princip and layer my jumpers...

Depression block with a fence

I was in a cleanung mood - I took care of all those HSTs that  I had left from a Depression Block for a swap - and as I wanted the block I sent to stay unique I added the green framing - I sort of like it. Though next time I will remember to make the framing a bit wider ...


And I did a major clean up in the scrap department. I just sewed pieces together as I pulled them out of the box, then a little ironing trimming and more adding scraps ...

I also added a cheddar border to my Barn Bats - but just in case my swap partner suddenly decides to wander around all the blogs - the picture will have to wait.

And I ordered a lot of batting - I need to start sandwitching ...  good bye new Castle DVD you will have to wait for next month ...



  1. I like the little trim strips b/t the THS's that was a good experiment. I really love the scrappy project. That's my favorite technique for scraps! cheers, CW

  2. I am going to try how you are sewing your scraps together. Just grab from the bin and sew. I like it!! Thanks.