nothing really new

I do love the autumn I really do - just not when I get drenched in the rain and then get a cold and the whole world seems miserable ...

On the bright side - I did a unhealthy sewing marathon Wednesday night and did the sashing for my Beginner's Quilt Along top (I'm hopefully off trac with the time). I decided on orange sashing with yellow cornerstones. Now I need to debate on the border with myself.

sashed blocks Beginner'S QAL
the picture quality is miserable - it's gray and cloudy and looks like rain outisde

And "home" finally thought of sending me some pictures from the summer ... I do love garden work ...just glad my mother pretty much let's me do as I please



and my sister thought of sending me some proof that we really did cut down the cherry tree ...


and I have been cathcing up on a lot of McGyver episodes -  it was my first series ever, Monday to Friday 2:15pm. I was 14 back then, we just got our first TV (and it's still in use). I guess it was an old rerun even then. I'm old but not that old.

and not to forget my Granny who celbrated her 83rd birthday on Friday - sadly I just got to speak to her on the phone. If she's not driving me nuts hinting her windows need a cleaning, or one really should paint the attic windows (which is actaullay not as bad as vacuuming the attic - it's a 2 floor attic, I'm simply refusing to sweep it I like my lungs) I do hold her dear. She just knows I can't say know when she asks for help.




  1. I love your quilt - and the beautiful garden you have been making too!

  2. The garden is lovely and lush with all the flowers - and do I see corn? I don't know a herry tree but it looks like it was a big project. Love the colours in your quilt.

  3. I love the oranges in your quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Leo,
    The orange sashing was a good chioce! The border will be a little trickier, have fun with it! The garden looks fantastic! Are those pumpkin leaves in the foreground? Why did you have to chopped down the cherry tree? And your granny's place looks very cool! cheers, CW

  5. Oh it is so nice to see someone making an orange quilt. I love the color and one rarely sees it in quilts.

    blessings, jill

  6. Beautiful blocks and your orange sashing really sets them off great! Wow a 2 floor attic....would love to see photos of that!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday