Welcome October

I don't know what the problem was, but I couldn't concentrate on my work today so I took a lot more breaks than usual and ended up catching up with the "Beginner's Quilt Along"

Block 9 - Beginners Quilt Along

Block 10 - Beginners Quilt Along

Block 11 - Beginners Quilt Along

Block 12 - Beginners Quilt Along

Block 13 - Beginners Quilt Along

and that are the twelve blocks I'm thinking of using to make up the front - in a random order that I do not like - far to much apricot in he middle and my hate/love block right end middle row

the 12 for the top

now my firs block for the QAL wants to be seen too - and I just figured he (it) [we tend to give all sort of things a gender in German] would be a good replacement for the unwanted one (left middle row)

the 12 for the top plus oe for the back

Soon there will be one more top to finish ...


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  1. Leo, your blocks are so perfect! Not a thread out of place! And so square! I can see why you don't like the 'hour glass' block. The pieces appear bigger than the rest because of the corner to corner piecing. Are you going to add more fabrics as you make more blocks? cheers, CW