going home for Christmas

All of you know that I'm always very excited to go home - as usual I will take the train. Following either the red or the blue route - red is faster but includes at least 3 changes, blue is much slower but just 2 changes.

thanks go to the DB for providing me with a map

the tiny mountains I miss - view from the hill behind the house to the hill across the river (which you can't see) that big yellowish building on the left is our castle, the modern tall houses in the back are the newwest hospital complex of the univeristy hospital.

Chiristmas is family visit time, so more about the more "serious" mountains when I cross them.

UPDATE: I picked a connection


and Iwill be travelling "light" at least for my standardds. The backpack is clothing and a bit entertainment, mp3-player, a book and some food. The big bag is Christmas presents from me and to me - and of course a hand back for the important papers, tickets etc.

travelling light


  1. Have a wonderful journey and a Merry Christmas too.

  2. You are studying in Stuttgart and live in Leipzig? Or vice versa. When I went to Germany - fifteen years ago now - I was in Stuttgart for a day. It was market day and the streets were so crowded I thought it must be what being in Calcutta would be like. But Stuttgart was a very interesting town with tons of history!

  3. OOOh Leo, I'm so jealous! I wish I could be traveling home by train, I'm stuck in a motel in Redmond Oregon 'cause My flight home today got canceled!! No worrier there's another one tomorrow. Next time I'm taking the train! Have a wonderful holiday with your family! cheers, CW