Ok panic .. no everything is goign to be fine - I have officially to clear my current digs until the end of March - so far I have a meager 3 banana boxes filled - but hey I have 10 empty boxes waiting. So besides having my exams and now having trouble getting my papers because my one "very dear" Prof can't manage to grade the last exam so a lot of runnign around getting "provisional" statements etc etc ohh how I love running after papers .. anyway I did some sewing

I started "bluegreenpink" (wow I'm creative with the names) - it's stored now in the "finished tops" box (ohh yes I already packed that one, together with the "big enough to make a back" fabric)

I promise I even sewed the rows together, just forget to take a picture before putting it in the box

I started a Starquilt, it was sort of part of my "want to do list" - I wanted to try out more hand sewing but after I had cut all the pieces (not necessarly like they were given in the pattern - I'm not good with patterns) I figured "hey I can do that with the machine" so I did. Now I need to start another hand sewing project. 10 stars together, how to make them

diamond star

I started and finished my doll quilt for February - and since it arrived during the weekend I can even do a post how about it - I need to do the "get things done early" more often so I don't need to wait until the next month ... I even remembered to do a lable (sorry that is on the back of course).

DQM - 2013/02

That's it as far as the NewFO sewign went - I did work on a few old things so I just have to show them off - because one of them was really giving me a headache.
I managed to finish my Easy Street top (yeah you guessed it - it's in the box too)

Easy Street top
my sewing machien looks so tiny ...

I attacked my scrap quilt again ... well it will one day become a scrap quilt - it's just hard work, but I think worth it.

scrappy bits and pieces

That's all I did - well sewing wise - I think so at least ... I did have some pretty good ice cream yesterday ... but that probably doesn't count towards sewing - it was 3 coloured and basted between to waffles though - it was almost an edible quilt ... it made me bold enough to post a picture of me though - sugar high maybe, not really responsible for my actions...

Pheww that was a lot to read for you ... I might  have ruined my chances of getting comments



  1. What fun projects! I love the polka dots and all the colors you've used. Thanks for linking up today.

  2. So many beautiful projects. I'm always amazed when I see a quilt like Easy Street! So many pieces.

  3. I'm in love with that polka dotted fabric!!

  4. oooo - I love your bluepinkgreen. :) So- you have to move for just a month? That's no fun!

  5. Wonderful projects, but the scrappy quilt really is a delight!

  6. Wow! I love your improv piecing in that scrap quilt!

  7. You've been so busy! I love your easy street quilt photo and your funky fabrics:-) I liked your ice-cream fuelled self-portrait - it's okay, we could hardly see you!

  8. You're cute! You have been so busy! You have really got some nice projects there.

  9. I love how your Easy Street top looks almost like a stained glass window with the light behind making the seams appear as the lead in such a window. Beautiful colors.

  10. I love bluegreenpink (my kind of quilt name!) and your dotty hexagon - I have a 'thing' for hexagons, can't get enough of them!

  11. Hey Leo, Ah, packing what Fun! NOT! But unpacking can be fun and re-discovering all your projects! lol, cheers, CW

  12. Thats ALL you did? LOL That's a lot! I can't imagine getting anything done during a move. And I have to say your quilting naming skill sounds a lot like mine. :-)

  13. Lots of nice stuff you worked on this past month.