posting on the move

so by now all of you know I'm moving - my belongings, well the things that aren't in storage (grannies attick, spare room etc) are all boxed up. It's shocking how much you can collect over a short time. My life in boxes (sadly that's not all of them) - I was amazed at how many more Bana companies there are besides Chiquita (I don't get paid for mentioning them - a shame).


Aye and routined student mover I am - I learned pretty fast you never ever throw away the original boxes. That's my iron, my speakers, my coffe-thingy and my water cooker "Petra" in the computer box.


Yeah sorry I didn't get any sewing done - but I think that is absolutely fine considering hte circumstances.



  1. Hey Leo, I think that is pretty good! If memory serves I had a lot more boxes and some furniture to move when I finished undergrad school. That looks manageable, and yes, saving boxes is a good thing! I just can't convince my husband of this...cheers, CW

  2. Can't wait to see your new home :) Will there be any banana trees there? (Something to fill the boxes with after you remove your belongings...)