snow angel

Well it has been snowing a lot lately here and not much thawing for the last few days - so I figured I got myself a great huge white playground ---


I told Janet the other day that I love doing snow angels - I had noone with me, so there was noone being embarassed if I did one. Well I made the angel in a beautiful spot in the botanic garden ...

(sorry I had to play aroudn with the exposure time to make the angel visible, it got a little dark)

Well of course I did a lot of sewing too - it's amazing how much time I suddenly have - I got my 10 pink and brown stars done ... now I have no idea what to do with them. Can I set in huge hexagons? but then what colours? Or set in more parallelograms? and end up with a small quilt?

10 diamond stars

Ohh and in an attempt to throw things out that I don't need anymore I had a go at my scrap box (it's just one box, without any order, I just stuff anything in there that's "small").

scrappy bits and pieces
(that's a pair of the fabulous knitted socks from my mum)



  1. Hey Leo, That looks like a pretty perfect snow angel! I like the 'small quilt idea for the hexagons. I think another fabric in the mix would add something. oooh I love the scraps! Great randomness! And the socks look very warm and snuggly! cheers, CW

  2. Love your snow angel and of course all your hexies! Thanks for sharing.
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