almost 200

I just realised that I have almost reached the 200st post - now if I had a sponsor they would probably hand over something nice to have a give away. But yeah I sponsor myself - so I will wait until I figure something out to write the next post.

I had a lovely easter time at home - I even did some sewing, but do you think I remembered to take pictures?

I got rid of our cherry tree though - and dug out that old windowsill - and just left it there until "someone" finds the will to place it as path for picking raspberries.

garten - 2013/03

garten - 2013/03

As far as my plan goes - this is going to be my new sewing place, there is just the tiny problem that I'm too scared to fill the rack with fabric - because it might be a little to heavy for my DIY-rack and the hangers. Well I won't risk it - time will tell what things end up in it.

new sewing space

I finished putting my name on the lists for the lectures - let's hope I get in everywhere. So now I have time to start on my "I moved - here is my new address"-mailing, unorganised as I am I still remembered to get stamps after registering at the town - that makes my now an official resident of "Rhineland-Palatinate" (I wonder how you pronounce that one).


UDATE: I just realised I'm never ever going to be a fan of Hershey's Milk chocolate.



  1. It looks like you will have a nice bright place to do your sewing. I'm sure you will fill those shelves soon enough.

  2. The cherry tree would make a lovely campfire!! Sounds like you are settling a bit - at least you are setting up a sewing space and send change of address notices. Love all the colourful stamps!!

  3. Geez Leo, Did you dig up the roots of that tree all by yourself?! Holy smoke. My back just aches looking at the picture! Nice sewing space, but I see what you mean about the shelves. And you are 100% right about the Hersheys. But I guess they manage to sell it to lots of kids who are just looking for a sugar rush, not the real taste of chocolate. I looked up some pix on Mainz on the internet it looks like it has some really beautiful parts to it and on the Rhine too, that must be nice to live near such a grand river! cheers, Claire W.

  4. Hi Leo, congrats on finishing school....I read earlier post to get updated. I agree with Janet, the tree should make great firewood.
    blessings, jill

  5. I'm in the midst of creating a sewing nook, too! Not a fan of Hershey's either. My fav is Salazon dark chocolate with black pepper and sea salt. Yum!