200 and nothing special

You know there should be some programming on blogger that sends you a card or so for "round" numbers of posts - yes and a birhtday banner would be nice too, well seems as usual we have to do all on our own.

I never woudl have thought I  made it this long in blogworld - and have soem people that seem to actually be reading (well ok I know they do) what I write. Last week I said I would do a give away but well I'm not really good at those kind of things. And can never think of something to give away.

So for the moment you will have to do with a few nice pictures of this weekends catch-up sewing. Yes the first one needs trimming, the second is a tad boring, the blue one I'm undecided the rainbow one I love:

[3x6] Bee - 2013/Q1 - MissRiain

[3x6] Bee - 2013/Q1 - EmilyLaurel

[3x6] Bee - 2013/Q1 - Jeifner

[3x6] Bee - 2013/Q1 - Marjorie

Hmm yeah that'S it - I still need to take pictures of the other two bee blocks, but my SD-card was full so I need to give i a thorough clean-out and order processing first.

Oh and amazing news - it's sunny. Yes I have been seeing the sun for more tha 3 hours today and it's actually warm enough to leave the window open (if you sit in the sunny spot and leave your sweater on). But hey it's sunny!



  1. That last block is phenomenal.
    Hoorah for the sun too!
    It came out this afternoon here too :0)

  2. Congratulations!
    Great blocks - I especially like #2!
    It's raining here!!

  3. I really like the first one, with the light blue bouncing out of the darker background. And the last one has beautiful colours!

  4. Ooh I like your rainbow block too! I also like the second one - I think it could be the start of something interesting. Congratulations on your 200 post and on a lovely blog.

  5. Hey Leo, I like them all. The one at the top is interesting. does the asymetry get balanced out when you put a bunch together? Congrates on your 200! I know what you mean about 'lasting' sometimes I think I'm spinning my wheels, but then I get a nice comment and that helps! oooh I'm glad it's sunny, It had to happen eventually!
    cheers, Claire W.

  6. I like them all but think I like the 2nd one best. I rarely work with solids. Yours look great!!