an unproductive week

I didn't do any sewing - I went a whole week without touching fabric - well it was the first week of classes so I guess that's ok. My classes are probably irrelevant to the general audience. So what else did I do to keep me from sewing.

Well I did some ballett - though I look much less graceful than the young Ladies on the picture - but it was interessting to do something that didn't involve running or a ball or any other major sources of injuries.

Then some singing - I'm really really really overjoyed that I didn't have to audition for the Choir. auditioning is a major put off for me. The choir has the healthy attitude - if you join then you probably know what you are doing. So I'm in the soprano rehearsing Haydn's Creation.


Ahh yes - I couldn't quite resist a sport with running, a ball and likely injuries - well I chose the "light" version. Flag Football you don't actually have to throw yourself on someone to stop them you just have to catch a "Flag" (the red and then yellow bands around the waist). Now I just need to learn all those names - Quarter Bakc, Receiver, tight right, slot left - well I guess you know all about it. But for me that's complete gibberish - fun gibberish though.

That being said I had some majorly sour muscles today - and couldn't really move so I read a lot - but maybe my shoulders and arms won't be complaining that much anymore tomorrow and I will be able to cut some fabric. Celebrate Sunday with some sewing. On another note - it's cold again, Temps dropped below 10°C so not fair.



  1. Hey Leo, It does not sound like your week was unproductive; just not a sewing week. Sounds like some fun classes! Especially Choir! Nature sure is capricious! Summer will come! cheers, CW

  2. Sounds like lots of exercise! What classes are you taking?

  3. Hi Leo,

    what are you doing now? I #ve just seen your entiry and I do like that you are in a choir.Which one is it?
    And the 'Schöpfung' is quite a huge work. How long will you exercise for the concert?
    I am also in a choir and we do several services as it is a choir of an church.
    I send you all the best.