some sewing at last

Well I had planned to get more sewign done yesterday - but lucky for me today is a holiday so I have time to catch up and take care of my blue / purple knee (nature does have some pretty amazing shades of colours. But I said I did get some sewing done - it's a mini quilt for a swap and it should have been done in March and I feel terrible for being late, but (contrary to me) my swap partner is a very patient Lady.

DQS - 2013 - 03 - "animal"

DQS - 2013 - 03 - "animal"

We had a pretty beautiful sun set yesterday and I snuck out taking a few pictures - I'm just glad they (Dortmund and Real Madrid) didn't make any goals.



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  1. Hey Leo, very cute bug! Beetles are my favorite next to dragon flies. Pretty sunset. Is that a common sight around Mainz? What happen to your knee?
    Cheers, CW