playing around

Today my summer holidays started! (ok I do still have to write two papers) So I have finally time to enjoy my presents - I tried my first free motion quilting with my new machine on a cover for an e-book reader. It's everything but perfect.

e-reader cover

I had a lot of fun trying different designs and making my own pattern and figure out where to put the batting and where the cardboard. I completely forgot that I woudl need some sort of closure. Took me some thinking to think about using the buttons to sew on the tape at the same time ... 

FMQ - 1st try

As it was a trial piece I didn't think I should - well woudl need to - bast the whole thing. So the stripy fabric became a partly curvey fabric.

FMQ - 1st try

Hmm yeah I will have to work on those leaves - and on the backstitiching over previous stitching can't have tree stems wher eIjust want to have branches ...

FMQ - 1st try

Pebbles are nice - but I don't think I have the necessary patence for them - the spirals do have my interest though - I als tried some stipling but well it's very irregular ...



  1. Hi Leo, did you say you got a new sewing machine for your b-day?! Well, congratulations. And the key to machine quilting is; practice, practice, practice so you are definetly on the right track! I think all those decorative stitches are great for wall hangings and small projects but as you say it would take way to much time on a large project. I still think regular old straight stitching for big projects looks pretty good and does not make you crazy.have a fun summer vacation with your new machine! cheers, CW

  2. Hi Leo, your quilting looks great! I personally am afraid of free motion quilting, but you are doing a fantastic job! Think back to your first sewn block. Was that perfect? Practice does make your efforts pay off.