Queen Bee

Yeah you have all been seeing the blocks pop up in various posts as a sort of add on at the end of other posts. Being still rather a beginner it wasn't easy joining a bee - I mean so many of them want "bee experience". The other problem is of course findign a stash bee - my bank account is not in favour of sending out tons of fabric to have people sew my blocks ... 

customs sticker
keeping the postal workers and esp. customs officers in work

In January it happend - I got into 2 bees - a beginners bee and an intermediate bee (of course there is a constant dscussion what intermediate means). I enjoy making the blocks and sending them off but of course "my months" are the best ... especially as I got both around my birthday.

design wall - July 19
June blocks - the intermediate bee
each one made 3 purple-red-orange thrifty blocks and one block in their colour

I rellay like having my birthday sort of extended into August. I'm missing one block for June, but that Bee is MIA so I will maybe have to wait a little longer or get busy myself. These are for July and I really like how July is turning out.

July Queen - Mary's blockJuly Queen - Terry's block

My design wall is occupied by the June blocks - so I had to turn my floor into a design floor, which means of course putting the blocks away again as soon as I'm done with taking pictures. As you can see I'm already behind and the newest block hasn't yet been on the "design floor" with the rest ...

design wall - July 19
I really love how that one is coming together



  1. Die Juni Blöcke sehen ja ganz toll aus und ich drück Dir die Daumen das der fehlende auch noch auftaucht.

  2. Hi Leo, could you maybe explain how these "online bees" work where you have to send other people fabric and they sew your blocks? Why don't they just make blocks from their stash?? Do you select the fabrics? I like the idea of solids only for the album blocks. How big will the quilt be?