not much progress

Hmm yeah I haven't been very productive - reading for my papers - reading for fun, being mad at a certain member of the male populace arghh. Ahh well but ther were a few late comers to my old address and they were secretly collected and send on to me - so I got a great parcel today that I opened after a very traditional summer lunch. My granny used to do that in summer.


It's basically a meat broth eaten on bread and soured milk / clabber (don't know how good the dictionary is on food stuff). Well it's missing the potatoes and far too much carrots in it - but hey I like carrots much more than potatoes. Yeah well it's a hot meal that's not warm - sort of.

And then I enjoyed the parcel goodies:

July Queen - Tessa's block
July block - NewBee Bee - from Tessa

June Doll Quilt from Sher

I did some sewing though  - a fourth basket - and I promised I would remember to add some size reference next time I took pictures. The closest I could come to a quarter (as that coin seems to be a favourite when it comes to size reference) was a 50 Euro cent coin. The coin is bigger than the small HSTs. Any idea for a shasing colour? soild? print?



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  1. Hey Leo, The soup looks really yummy! I'm still likeing those bee blocks and those basket blocks are very cute. How do you have the patience for all those little pieces?! The salmon pink color is very pretty but I think I would go with a dark color for sashing?! cheers, CW