Goodbye July

Seems another month flew by - time seems to pass faster the older you get. I woudl say July was much more productive than August will ever be. I am officially on summer break - but that just means I need to write papers. (I'm now on my second breakfast break - sort of.) Well after spending 8 hours reading and writing I usually don't feel like sitting down to sew something. So yeah August is going to be an unproductive month.

design floor - July 26th

This is what July was all about - bee blocks .... some more bee blocks  .... and bee blocks - well mostly incoming bee blocks - but I actually did have to sew one to send out ...

design wall - July 19
still waiting on one Lady to send the blocks
I'm ready to give up though and just do them myself

sewing on the bidning

I did get started on the binding on this quilt ... well yeah but I haven't gotten much further - didn't really have the time for movie nights - not that I have any new DVDs to watch. But I started two new proects in July - one was more or less voluntary the other was for a swap.


I always wanted to try the irish chain pattern - not necessarily in those colours - I would classify them under "store and pull out if want to insult someone by giving away something ugly" - but yes I do understand that some people might like that sort of colours. It was really ust about trying out the pattern and well using up shirts (blue) and bed linens (apricot and white).


 my "what did I get myself into"-baskets


So and now with the beginning of August comes the time to be "royally pissed" (reading books is not good for my manners) at certain persons who forgot my birhtday - aye middle of the month till the end should be enough time to send a card ... or do something else ...


  1. I love your baskets. Fresh colors on traditional patterns that have been around forever. Very cute.

  2. These are lovely. Great fabric choices! I love the Irish Chain. I would like to make one someday too.

  3. I too want to make an Irish Chain quilt. It's on my To Do List. Your baskets are really cute. I like the different patterns you have.

  4. Hey Leo, I like both sets of bee blocks a lot! and the yellow gingham for binding on the pink, green, yellow and blue quilt was a great choice! Think of the big blank spaces in the Irish chain as an oportunity to practice your quilting?! 'Could make it a lot more interesting?! hang in there, the peprs will get done and then you can play! cheers, CW

  5. Hallo Leo,
    gib noch nicht auf, der fehlende Block wird bestimmt noch kommen.
    Du hast schöne Sachen in Arbeit, bald wirst Du ein Finish zu zeigen haben.