no harvest this year

You may know or not know that I love home grown things - especially the whole range of berries and pumpkins and tomatoes and  - well everything except the broccoli ...

And now everything is gone - victim of a mean summer thunderstorm on July 28th -  mostly the hail was the problem ... some pictures from the local newspaper ---

most trees have less than half their leaves left

the nursery near my old elementary school

I even found two videos on the net a neighboour recorded - well someone from up the road ... the first out front the other showing the backyard.

This corn didn't make it - so yeah the vegetables look about the same, well they lost most leaves or look like they spend some time in the blender ... the berry bushes should will make it - there are just no berries to harvest anymore ...

So yeah as soon as I have holidays I will have to go home and help clean up the garden - start preparing it for next year ... maybe put in some green manure to keep the weeds at bay. Mum decided to ignore the mess and go on holidays ...

If you want to see more pictures - here is a very nice blog post bout the whole thing - from the formation of the thunderstorm until it's over  .... the explanation is in German - but hey it gives you an idea of the area I grew up in ...



  1. That's terrible! I am so sorry that your garden was ruined, in addition to all of the losses that other people suffered. These awful situations really test us sometimes. Hugs.

  2. Wow Leo That is one crazy storm. I watched the video, those are serious hale stones! I've heard of hail stones like that in the Mid West but I've never seen them that big. Sorry to hear about your mother's garden. Green mulch is good! That's the nice thing about gardens. Things will come back, Next year will be great! take care, CW

  3. Mensch, das ist ja wirklich traurig. Ich bin echt froh, dass wir bei diesem verrückten Sommer bis jetzt von Katastrophen aller Art verschont geblieben sind (klopf auf Holz). Ich hoffe, dass nächstes Jahr deine Ernte umso besser ausfallen wird!