mindless sewing

Since I'm finally able to really grip things - namely my rotary cutter - again I thought it ws time to get sewing - all the reading was really nice, but I really missed the sewing. And before you ask- let's just say: sport is not healthy. Nature has an amazing range of blues, browns, pruples and yellows ...
But I'm a little preoccupied with those stupid papers - well one of them is actually interessting - but the other urghh ... So yeah I decided to go for some "mindless sewing", no need to aim for matching seams, no danger of messing up a pattern.

a giant puzzle

It's like making a huge fabric puzzle - it's just that the pieces change everytime - here the middle part is paired up for another round of string piecing. It's still "tiny" but it's getting there ... slowly I just need to keep producing scraps. Or have lovely Ladies send them to me ..

Yeah and of course I absolutely forgot to show the newest Bee-Block arrivals and the Doll Quilt for July ..
Saddly one of the bee blocks is an inch too small - and an inch is not something easily smoothed over so - ahh well we are a 13 persons bee anyway so I will end up with 12 blocks. Oh and good news my missing June bee turned up, she promised to send the missing blocks as soon as possible.

NewBee Bee  - July Queen - from Carol Marie NewBee Bee - July Queen - from Rebecca

As I mentioned before - my swap partner and me both decided against the usual patriotic theme of red-blue-white. Not that I have anything against those colours, but I don't really need a July 4th Quilt. We settled on baskets.

DQS - July - from Karen



  1. Love how scraps can be made into something amazing! :)

  2. I'm so ready for a scrappy mindless sew!!! Think this might be my next sewing project!

    val from myplvl.blogspot.com

  3. I always enjoy mindless scrap quilting too! Your little basket quilt is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. Love the mindless scrap project and the basket quilt is terrific.

  5. Oh, I think that basket quilt is really cute! And your improv looks great!

  6. Some mindless sewing therapy sounds like a great idea! Also love the basket mini quilt. Stopping by from Freemotion by the River Linky :)

  7. Hey Leo, Well you know that's my favorite kind of sewing...mindless that is! lol. The basket quilt is very cute. Patriotic colors have never been my favorite. It is a great color combo. I guess it's just so over used?! cheers, CW