Off Topic

I know I don't have a lot of people reading me regularly and even less commenting regularly - but then I don't think I would have time for all of them. Maybe I'm a rare creature but I'm looking more for quality comments than mass comments and I really like getting to know people, and I doubt it's possible to get to know 500 or 1000 or more.

I think my choice to keep this blog completely selfish and only report about what I do and what I like and what I don't like is perfect for me. Well anyway I guess I haven't posted anything bcause I haven't done anyhting lately and this is a selfish thing well - not doing anything leads to nothing to write about.

a lovely "selfish" birthday card I got in July: "If  I get cake then I love you."
See all the mail that's been collecting and wants an answer!

I also have no aspirations to "market" my blog - so no advertisement for me. Where would be the fun if I had to "work" on my blog. But I'm digressing again. I will maybe/ hopefully manage to keep my bee-block-deadlines. 

more selfish stuff - me enjoying table tennis with my sister who I cut off 
 on a family weekend - I'm not for pictures on the internet and especially
 not minors or people who are put there without warning.

In the meantime I thought why not show you where I spent my days sitting just a few meters away from my sewing machine - actually one good push on the chair (it comes on rolls) and I'm sitting on my sewing desk. Hey welcome to crammed student living!

To the left we have "papers that need sorting and filing" in the stand and then most of the stuff for paper one || the middle - ahh my glorious screen and articels for paper two and my tea mug || The blue spaceship is my most precious backup HD - I don't think I would survive having to write my complete papers again because of a computer crash || To the right we have asorted stuff plus my "e-paper reader" (aka laptop)

PS: In case you were wondering - yes this is purely selfish again - I just couldn't stand to write one more sentence that needed a footnote and some major linguistic studies to be understandable.



  1. I read you but don't comment much

  2. I follow just for your sewing/quilting posts. Don't stop blogging.

  3. Keep going just the way you are:-)

  4. Hey Leo, I think we are all aloud to wonder off topic once-in-awhile! I tend to do it a lot in conversation...it's just a mild form of ADD! lol. Really life happens and that's just the way it is. I think people are generally interested as long as it's not to long winded or frequent?! I like the image of you rolling back and forth from computer to sewing machine, that's funny, cheers, CW